What I Read November 20th-26th

You will find some interesting stories here!

Dr. Tracy Davis


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Tracy’s Reading List Here:

I have decided to collect and share the stories I read every week. Other writers have inspired me on Medium, such as Jennifer Barrios Tettay who regularly highlights other writers. Jennifer has a new publication called Your Voice Matters, which you can read more about here:

Overall, I’m slightly disappointed in myself for only reading 24 stories this week. Normally, I read a lot more on my train ride home from work. However, this week was my birthday, Thanksgiving, and I did have a friend in town visiting from another country. So, I’ll give myself some slack and step it up this coming week!

Another favorite this week comes from Pamela Oglesby on building trust. It can be challenging to have difficult conversations when it comes to conflict, but she has a helpful article here:

I’m currently exploring other ways to make income online through a faceless YouTube channel. I already started one, but I haven’t devoted much energy to it. Here Raymond M.E. Aguirre shares some other ideas for you:

Hopefully, you enjoy reading some of the stories I read this week. My goal is to read at least 50 stories for the upcoming week.

Happy reading and writing on Medium!

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