Turning my Medium articles into lists

Helping myself stay organized and future readers find related content

Dr. Tracy Davis
4 min readAug 14, 2022
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Up until recently, I didn’t utilize the list feature all that much. I will save stories and put them in private lists, like to-dos, inspiration, and to read. But, I didn’t have my own stories very organized.

What do I mean by lists? Check out this list of articles to get to know me better:

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Since May 27, 2022 when I first joined Medium, I have shared 154 articles. Now, for any new readers here, please know that I took about 100 posts, give or take, from my pre-existing blog, www.tracydeetips.com.

And if you’re thinking about joining Medium and already have a blog or content, then it’s the perfect place to join an engaging and supportive community.

It’s very possible to make money too. Not enough to pay the bills right off the bat, but it can add up over time. Especially if you utilize other methods like affiliate marketing and digital products.



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