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Another challenge and writing prompt

Dr. Tracy Davis


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I originally saw this writing prompt completed by Jennifer Barrios Tettay. She said that Linda Ng created these easy and fun 10 questions for you to answer. When I read Linda’s story and her intro about passing notes in high school, it brought me back to my own childhood.

So here we go! Do we have anything in common? Drop a comment below to let me know :)

1. Favorite drink?

My favorite drink is ginger ale. It’s actually hard to find here in Norway.

2. Favorite color?

My number one color is yellow and my second favorite is purple.

3. If you won the lottery, what are the top 3 things you would do first?

  • Pay off all my debt and family's debt
  • Buy a house for my grandparents and my parents
  • Invest to fund travel for the rest of my life

4. Favorite cuisine?

I love almost any kind of cuisine. My most often go-to is Italian and a good shrimp scampi. But, I had Georgian food once when I visited Prague, and it was the best food I’ve ever had.

5. Would you give up social media or your cell phone 📱 forever?

I would give up social media. I need my phone to connect with family and loved ones who are far away.

6. One thing you’re really good at?

People tell me I’m a good planner and organizer. I’m usually the “connector” of people and that’s fun for me. I wish I could become a professional connector or networker of people.

7. Cats or dogs?

Growing up, I thought I liked dogs better. But I realized I’m more of a cat person the older I get.

8. Coffee drinker?

Yes, but I’m trying to quit. It’s become a big habit, and I want to see if I actually need it.

9. What languages can you speak?

English is my native language. I can speak and understand an advanced level of Spanish and an intermediate level of Norwegian.

10. Can you use chopsticks?

Yes! I learned in college.

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