How to Achieve Your Dreams Using The SMARTER Goal Method in 7 Steps

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It’s time to learn about using the SMARTER goal method. Have you been struggling to reach your goals? Do you often feel like a hamster on a wheel? It might be time to sit down and write down what it is you actually want to achieve.

In fact, the simple act of just sitting down and writing it could help you get closer to making the goal a reality. According to psychology professor, Dr. Gail Matthews, if you write goals down on a daily basis, you are 42% more likely to achieve those goals. It’s a practice I put into place years ago that has helped me tremendously.

Creating a SMARTER Goal

One strategy to write your goals down in an organized way is using the SMARTER goal method. Smart goals originated from George Duran in the 1980’s and were designed to help people in the workplace organize their goals.

So how exactly do you create a SMARTER goal? Where do you even start? I tell my students to focus on what they want to achieve in 3–6 months. That’s a tangible timeline that makes achieving something much more realistic and likely.

First, decide what it is you are trying to accomplish. Let’s take my 3–6 month goal for my online business. I want to continue building multiple income streams to help me on my debt-free journey. Now, if I stop there, I haven’t created a solid path to the finish line which is important.

Using the SMARTER goal method — So, let’s take a look at George Duran’s method

SMARTER Goals have these main components:

S Specific

Be clear about your intentions and the outcome you wish to achieve. Think about little details.

M Measurable

It is SOOOO important to have a way to measure whether or not you reach your goals. So, this part requires deciding how you will know if you are getting closer to your goal.

A — Achievable or Attainable

For this element, making sure your goal is possible is essential. Anything is possible…



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